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Why a Website is Important in 2023.

The year is 2023 and social media mega corps are on the slide, peaking in popularity pre global shut in, people are looking high and wide for alternitives to instagram, facebook and snapchat. BeReels are muttes in crowds and the humble website has faded into obscurity.

but now more than ever having a personalized website that showcases and promotes you as an artist is the most unique thing you can do as a creative professional.

Hello, My name is VF and this year marks the 10th anniversary without facebook. In 2016 i relapsed and created an Instagram account, I was conditioned to use it the way the algarithims intended. after loosing interest in posting work related photography i made the cardinal sin of creating a personal account to follow and repost my work account. the self perpetuation "like" loop that ended in me using my personal account so much that my work account became dormant. And like millions of others before me i left behind a Zombie account that lays in an unused instgram cemetery.

I always new deep down that a website that clearly represents all of the nueances of your creativity is more important then a social handle and blue check or fb account and a meta apartment. but only recenlty have i truly understood the value of a website.

if its a portfolio or online store its never been easier to create a site that you can have full creative control over and curate your work how you like. from Wix to SquareSpace these platforms can function as an educator and design medium.

if a website is a digital bisnicard and portal to your mind, social media is junk mail that spoils faster then fruit. the power to control what and how you view and interact with images is the SOP of social media. why not take that control back, why not make a more meaninful impact on anyone anywhere without the need of an account.... WARNING: Social Media Kills... Creativity.

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