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"BRAINWASH" - This NFT artwork is a satirical take on the NFT boom. The piece features a ball with a smiley face rotating on a kaleidoscopic backdrop. The smiley face represents the happiness and excitement surrounding NFTs, while the rotating ball symbolizes the repetitive nature of the trend. The kaleidoscopic background is a nod to the infinite possibilities of digital art and the never-ending stream of new NFTs being created. This piece is a playful and light-hearted commentary on the world of NFTs.


"Optical Illusion" - This work uses stereograms to insert a rectangle in the center of the piece. The background that forms the optical illusion is a bright techno-colored chaos. By shifting your perspective, you can see structure and shapes forming within the chaos. This is a representation of the constant flux and change of our technological world. The piece invites the viewer to engage with it and explore the hidden patterns within the chaos.

"VOG CAPS Collection" - This series of NFTs is heavily inspired by the 90s kids toy called POGS. The collection features infamous and influential figures or events of the 21st century. Each NFT is designed to look like a physical cap used to play the game of caps/lids. Some of the featured figures and events include the Manhattan Project and Nikola Tesla. The collection is a nostalgic and playful nod to the past, while also celebrating the present.

"Automated Illustrations" - These works are generated using an automated function within After Effects. Layers of colors and patterns are introduced and then manipulated with various effects to create random pattern generators. The resulting illustrations are unique and abstract, with no two pieces being exactly the same. This collection is a testament to the power of technology and the limitless possibilities of digital art.

"Satellite Dishes" - These illustrations were created while traveling through Croatia, specifically Pula. The works depict the satellite dishes mounted to the roofs, all pointing in the same direction but with different communications. This collection is a reflection on the interconnectedness of our modern world and the ever-increasing role of technology in our daily lives.

"Lockdown Photos" - These photos were taken during lockdown and post-lockdown in Melbourne. The first image is a snapshot of Burke St in the peak of the pandemic, with the empty streets highlighting the impact of the pandemic on the city. The second image is a concrete stairwell in Fitzroy, captured towards the end of lockdown when social gatherings were permitted. The empty space and stark lines of the stairwell create a sense of isolation and solitude.

"Victoria Collection" - These three images are from a series of photos taken across the state of Victoria. The first is a corrugated farm shed in rural Victoria, capturing the essence of rural life and agriculture. The second is a plush monkey in a window in Fitzroy, a whimsical and playful addition to the collection. The third is a man walking with ice cream on the waterfront in Geelong, a snapshot of everyday life in the state.

"Croatia and Slovenia" - These two images are from a trip through Croatia. The first is a serene image of a pizza resturant in Rovnj, Croatia. The second is a striking black and white photo of a building in Pula, Croatia. Both photos capture the beauty and complexity of the architecture in these regions.

"Victoria Collection II" - These three images are from the same collection of photos taken across the state of Victoria.

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